You Deserve a NEW Home!

New Home Construction Timeline

This is a general idea of what can be expected during the construction of a new home:


Phase 1

* Foundation formed, plumbing roughed in, footers dug. Inspection by code enforcement.

*Slab poured.                                                                                                                                     

Phase 2

* Framing begins, roof installed

* Exterior windows sets and door sets 

* Framing inspection by code enforcement.

Phase 3

*Top out plumbing (set tub and showers), rough HVAC, rough electric

*City/County inspection                                                                                                      

Phase 4

*Insulate; insulation inspection. Drywall installation. Prime walls.

*Install trim.                                                                                                                                      

Phase 5

*Paint. Exterior siding (vinyl and or brick work). Hang lights.

*HVAC trim. Power inspection                                                                                                          

Phase 6

*Install cabinets, countertops and flooring.                                                                                

Phase 7

*Concrete for driveways and porches. Grade yard.

*Install quarter-round, door knobs and door stops. Final paint.                                      

Phase 8

* Install shelving in closets. Landscaping. Set appliances.                                                            

Phase 9

Clean up

* Final walk-through with buyers and create punch list. Finalize any items that need to be addressed.

* Appraisal to Closing